During the twenty years of our life span RR has been solely committed to the production and export of Chilean varietal bulk wines, enabling us to provide our clients with only the best selection of our wines, and not the remaining wines which haven’t been bottled.

We export to twenty five different countries around the world. We supply most of the local wineries in Chile


RR owns 1.200 hectares of vineyards in the Maipo Valley, Maule Valley and Curicó. With our own vineyards we supply 30% of our needs; another 15% is supplied by a single producer with whom we have a long term business relationship, and the remaining 55% is bought on the spot yearly and long term contracts.

Such supplying structure allows our company to offer first quality wine; this has been a constant characteristic throughout the years.


Our Winery capacity is 60 million liters, fully equipped with hi tech technology enabling us to produce first quality wines. We design our wine cellar to extract the maximum quality potential of our grapes, without neglecting either effectiveness or efficiency in the process.

Our Winery has a capacity of 1.200.000 kgs daily crush. 2.5000.000 kgf cool capacity. 4 x 250 hl and 3 x 500 hl press. 21.000 lts/hr capacity of cross flow filter. 35.000 lts/hr centrifuge capacity. Thermo flash Pera.